I have been thinking about the idea of surrender lately. Most of us think of it as defeat. Giving up. Giving in. Quitting. Actually, that’s exactly what the Oxford definition is…”cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority”. 

But what if it’s more than that? What if it’s not just an army realizing that they can’t win and saving themselves from death? What if it’s recognizing a truth and choosing not to resist it anymore? What if what we are actually fighting with is our own will, our own way, or a way of thinking that doesn’t work anymore?

Army’s don’t surrender too often in modern times. They seem to retreat and regroup. And I think that’s what we do too. We hang on to whatever it is we were fighting for and when we can’t get our way, we fall back and come up with another strategy. 

Jesus didn’t retreat and regroup when he was confronted with his own death. He could have. He also could have stopped his own execution and saved himself. But he didn’t. We hear him say what he actually wants in Luke 22:42, when he says, “take this cup from me”. But Jesus didn’t push for his own way. He didn’t barter with God. He surrendered. He surrendered to a truth he knew. He surrendered to love for all of mankind. 

And what would it look like if we accepted the truth of the thing we are fighting against…or maybe even fighting for? What if it’s time to surrender and stop fighting, and maybe let go of what we think is best?

Sometimes change, either external or internal, forces us to make a decision about the direction of our lives. Retreating and regrouping doesn’t always allow for God to step in and bring about the significant change in us that he desires. Sometimes only surrender can do that.

This will be my last blog for World Horizons. I am thankful to know and be a part of this community, but it’s time for me to surrender and see what God has for me next.